Nathan A. Sandberg

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2021.12.08 08:31AM

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Father of three wonderful kids. Assistant Principal and life-learner. Avid videographer and cinematographer. Capturing our lives at 24fps! Checkout my video services.
Nathan A. Sandberg


University of Oregon

1998 - 2003
BA/MS - Chemistry & Biology

Earned by B.S. in Chemistry at the University of Oregon. After graduation I worked in a lab at the Institute of Molecular Biology before moving on to get a Masters in Teaching from Pacific University

Pacific University

2004 - 2005
MAT - Education

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Lewis and Clark College

2012 - Present
Ed.S. Leadership

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Leadership Experience

Associate Principal

June 2016 - Present
  1. Oversaw school-wide discipline program to help ensure a positive environment for teaching and learning.
  2. Assisted in the supervision of 45 teachers and 20+ classified staff.
  3. Oversaw district-wide attendance program for effective and timely communication with students/parents.
  4. Collaborated with building staff in the creation of the master schedule.
  5. Trained and developed staff with distance learning tools during COVID.
  6. Worked with stakeholders to develop instructional videos for utilizing new technologies during COVID pandemic.

Athletic Director

July 2014 - June 2016
  1. Sustained OSAA Executive Board and School District policies within interscholastic activities.
  2. Supervised the management of equipment, personnel, finances, and student athletes.
  3. Organized and scheduled 4A OSAA sanctioned events for 650-member school within COWAPA league.
  4. Plan, implement, and promoted interscholastic athletic programs.

Assistant Athletic Director

July 2013 - June 2014
  1. Supervised and helped organize OSAA sanctioned events.
  2. Collaborated with referees and coaches to ensure student safety and a positive sporting experience.
  3. Managed security at all home athletic events.
  4. State scheduling meetings.

Mentor Teacher

July 2010 - June 2014
  1. Observed and collaborated with 1st & 2nd year teachers to develop SMARTER Balanced Lesson Plans.
  2. Worked with new teachers on developing quality instruction and classroom management techniques.
  3. Conducted classroom observations and feedback for new teachers.

PBIS Site Coordinator

July 2010 - June 2014
  1. Integrated technology school-wide for instruction.
  2. Collaborated in a laptop initiative to provide students with 21st century skills.
  3. Created a PLC on the integration of technology in teaching and learning.
  4. Used and maintained Moodle site as a method to engage students outside of the classroom.

Technology Coach

  1. Collaborated on matrix for safe, responsible, respectful behavior expectations.
  2. Designed teachable lesson plans for each location in the school.
  3. Compiled data on current behavior trends and used data to help make informed decisions.

PLC Team

  1. Participated with district science teachers to map science curriculum with national standards and common core.
  2. Created common assessments for science curricula.
  3. Investigated applications for iPad effectiveness and content.

Site Council Team

  1. Worked with various stakeholders to develop a plan to provide an educational environment where students and staff perform at fullest potential.
  2. In partnership with community to provide opportunities for students to develop academic, technical, and social skills.
  3. Constructed plan to build strong school community embracing respect, dignity, and love of learning.

Curriculum Development

  1. Collaborated with teacher in the development and sequencing of science curriculum.
  2. Alligned curriculum with state and national standards.
  3. Evaluated curriculum materials for effectiveness.

iPad Curriculum Adoption Committee

  1. Aligned district science curriculum with the national science standards and Common Core to be implemented in 2013-14.
  2. Cooperated with stakeholders on using technology in lieu of traditional textbooks.
  3. Evaluated science curriculum for effectiveness.

After-School Program Coordinator

  1. Conducted discussions with teachers regarding students of high-risk students needing extra support in the after-school program.
  2. Generated homework reports for teachers and administrators.
  3. Handled student discipline issues.

School Culture Committee Member

  1. Facilitated discussions on creating a school-wide writing program.
  2. Collected attendance data to work with teachers on a school-wide hall pass policy.
  3. Monitored attendance data while hall pass policy was implemented.

Junior Class Academic Advisor

  1. Assisted students on goals for college admissions.
  2. Prepared students for SAT, ACT, and TOEFL exams.
  3. Provided student support on college visits and applications.

Senior Project Advisor

  1. Initiated 1st phase construction of a 5-year onsite pond restoration project.
  2. Collaborated with colleagues and community members on site design.
  3. Initiated the development of innovative learning stations.

Teaching Experience

Tillamook High School - Science Teacher

July 2012 - June 2016
Tillamook Jr. High School - Science Teacher
July 2009 - June 2012
 Oak Hill School - Science Teacher / Jr. & Sr. Class Advisor
July 2006 - June 2009  
 Copper Basin K-8 - Science Teacher
July 2005 - June 2006 


  1. June 2019 - 45th Annual Coalition of Oregon School Administrators Conference - The ABCs of Secondary Schools
  2. April 2019 - Oregon RTI Conference - The ABCs of Secondary Schools
  3. June 2018 - 44th Annual Coalition of Oregon School Administrators Conference - Closing the Achievement Gap
  4. January 2011 - Tillamook School District PD Day - Engaging Students with Social Media. Does it help?
  5. November 2010 - Tillamook School District PD Day -Technology in Education: Discussions about Web 2.0. Technology