Pick an element on the periodic table that interests you (Except Aluminum, example below). Your goal will be to get people interested in your element by emphasizing properties and characteristics that make it different and important. Prepare a sales poster display and include some of the following information: 

  • element name
  • atomic number
  • atomic mass
  • when discovered and by whom?
  • melting and boiling points
  • characteristics and properties
  • uses of the element 

You may want to decorate the sales poster with pictures showing how the element is used by people. 
Develop a sales pitch as if you were telling people about this element for the first time. Introduce them to all the wonderful qualities of your element and why it would be an excellent element to purchase. 

​Before you begin the construction of your sales poster, you should research the element that you have chosen and construct a layout in your composition notebook.  ​Make sure that your sales poster has your name on the front.

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