Well, this was another year of the Western Classic.  Had lots of fun shooting with my family this year and we are already looking forward to next.  We all had great personal goals.  Mine was to improve on my last year's score which I was able to do.  We all had fun and got to meet some new people that were a real pleasure to shoot with.

Final Score: 1443

Nicholas' Final Score: 959 (Not bad saying he changed classes and went up a division.)

Cadence's Final Score: 864 (First time shooting at Cub division)

Amanda's Final Score: 1356 (First time shooting at Freestyle)

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So I have been being very diligent in my preparation for Redding this year.  We are about 5 weeks out and today I was starting to shoot 101 yards (the distance of the Big Foot shoot).  It was two days before I departed last year that I started shooting this distance.  This year I am more prepared and feeling very confident.  Last year I shot at 1419 and this year I am going in with a goal of 1450.  It is a hard shoot and last year I had some colossal mistakes.

After my first day at 101 yards, I have been making some progress.  Now some of this might be lucky because it took 4 ends to get this (see figure below).

This was my first year out shooting 3D.  My target shooting up until this point has been limited to Vegas 3 Spot and 5 Spot indoor.  This was very exciting.  I trained hard for this, but not knowing how this course was laid out or the type of shots that I would need to make made this very difficult.  I had been told that this course is one of the hardest there is.  It was difficult.  Now that I know what to expect, my training for this year will be much different.

Final Score: 1419/1540

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