So I have been being very diligent in my preparation for Redding this year.  We are about 5 weeks out and today I was starting to shoot 101 yards (the distance of the Big Foot shoot).  It was two days before I departed last year that I started shooting this distance.  This year I am more prepared and feeling very confident.  Last year I shot at 1419 and this year I am going in with a goal of 1450.  It is a hard shoot and last year I had some colossal mistakes.

After my first day at 101 yards, I have been making some progress.  Now some of this might be lucky because it took 4 ends to get this (see figure below).

This was my first year out shooting 3D.  My target shooting up until this point has been limited to Vegas 3 Spot and 5 Spot indoor.  This was very exciting.  I trained hard for this, but not knowing how this course was laid out or the type of shots that I would need to make made this very difficult.  I had been told that this course is one of the hardest there is.  It was difficult.  Now that I know what to expect, my training for this year will be much different.

Final Score: 1419/1540

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